College Prep Fees

For high school students time is a key factor in choosing what
your future career path looks like. We do not want any student
to miss out on an opportunity to attend the school of their
choice due to an inability to pay for fees on time. We want to

If a junior or senior in high school can show evidence of a
financial need for assistance we will provide funding for:

  • College application / registration fees
  • SAT/ ACT/ required testing fees
  • Vocational/ technical school fees
Career Days

Twice a month we will host presentations from
various professionals who will explain all
aspects of their career. These classes are
held so that student can receive detailed
information on various career options before
its time for them to make a decision about their
own career path. Speakers will cover topics such as:

  • Education involved
  • Salaries they can expect to earn
  • The time involved in that field of work
  • And students can decide if they want to look more into that as
    a career path.

PARENTS are also welcome to attend.
College Tour Trips

Twice a year the foundation will go on college tour
trips and we will take high school students 10th
grade -12th grade who has maintained an A/B
honor roll or an all A honor roll status in the
semester of school prior to the trip. These students
must also maintain satisfactory conduct and have
no more than 4 unexcused absences from school.