Strengthening our disadvantaged youth and their
families one blessing at a time

Clothing, Food, Utilities, Rent, etc.
College Prep, Tutoring, Mentors. Etc.
Information/ available resource
sessions for parents
Athletic Ability enhancement/ Sports

  • To help promote continuing educating.
  • To enhance awareness
  • To help youth obtain continued education.
  • To help provide the necessities within our community
  • To create confidence in our community's youth
  • To help our youth create and achieve goals
Phoenix T&E Foundation, INC
While reaching out to help displaced teens we discovered a
real need to also reach out and  help struggling students who
reside at home with family. Through community outreach and
with the assistance of area junior highs and high schools, we
identify students who may be best served by our services.  
Families and/ or students can discontinue services at any time,
however we hope to follow all students served and their
families throughout their senior year of high school to ensure
positive outcomes set forth by our goals.